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SLPOA is licensed by SLCWD to provide boat storage for Serene Lakes residents for the 2019 summer season.  Seasonal (that is all summer) boat storage will be provided at three locations:  Bales, Lot 1 and Swiss Ct.  Bales and Swiss Ct are open to all Serene Lakes residents and SLCWD rate payers.  The fee for seasonal boat storage at Bales and Swiss Ct is $25 per boat for SLPOA members and $50 per boat for ratepayers that are not members of SLPOA.   Lot 1 is free and is open to SLPOA members only.  There are 165 storage spaces at Lot 1, 84 storage spaces at Bales and 20 spaces at Swiss Ct.  At Bales, spaces will be assigned on a first come, first served basis; however, preference will be given at Bales to residents north of the pump station including the areas north of Frosty Way and Beacon.  There will be a maximum of one seasonal boat per cabin at Bales and two seasonal boats at Lot 1, unless space permits for additional seasonal boats.

Seasonal storage (20 spaces) for paddleboats and large sailboats will be provided at Swiss Court/Serene Rd. There will also be limited short-term storage (10 spaces) for kayaks and canoes at Swiss Ct.

All other boat storage sites will be short term (boats may be left for no more than 3 consecutive days at each site). The fee for short term is $10 per boat for SLPOA members and $20 per boat for ratepayers who are not SLPOA members. Those sites are Allen (14 spaces) and Swiss Court (10 spaces) on Lake Serena and Castle, Beacon and Dulzura on Lake Dulzura (6 spaces, each).  While you may have been issued a sticker, you are not guaranteed a spot every time you take your boat to a short term site.  The spots are available on a first come first served basis. Preference will be given to residents on the west side of the lake for Swiss Court/Serene Rd.  Preference will be given to residents on the east side of the lake for Castle, Beacon and Dulzura.  Preference will be given residents around the Allen cul de sac and environs for Allen. 

Priority for all boat storage will be given to property owners not directly adjacent to the lakes.

The summer season will start at the sand fling and will last until Lot 1 is closed in the fall.


EVERYONE THAT WANTS STORAGE FOR 2019 MUST APPLY. This year you can apply to renew your sticker from last year or for a new sticker if you have not applied before or have a new boat. The following documents must be filled out and/or reviewed before applying for a boat storage slot:  (1) 2019 Rules and Fee Structure for Boat Storage; and (2) Release of Liability form.(3) Application for 2019 Boat Storage; 
  1. The Rules and Fee Structure.  Download and read the Rules and Fees document by clicking here. to familiarize yourself with what is expected of you to participate in this project.  Unregistered boats and boats at the wrong site will be impounded and removed. You will have to pay a $20 fee to recover your boat.  Boats left at the end of the summer will be discarded, destroyed or auctioned off.  Docks will be at each location for the purpose of ingress and egress into and out of the lake.  The docks are not to be used for sunbathing or boat tie-ups.  They are there to protect water quality and prevent erosion on the shore.  Stickers are color coded for site location.  Seasonal stickers (square) are valid only at the specified location.  Short term stickers (round colored inset) are valid at the specified location, except for Castle, Beacon and Dulzura which are interchangeable at each location.
  2. Release of Liability Form.  SLPOA is subsidizing the boat storage project by supplying racks and boat docks as well as volunteer labor to install the equipment and manage the project for the summer.   Everyone who stores a boat has to realize that the boats are stored in an unsecured area.  Locking the boat is the responsibility of the boat owner.  SLPOA cannot be held responsible for theft or damage to boats or accessories.  In order to participate in the boat project, each boat owner is required to sign a release of liability form EACH YEAR (no we can't use last year's form). You can access the release form by clicking here.  You will not be issued a valid boat sticker without returning a signed release of liability form. Release forms can be printed out and returned either by mail (SLPOA, PO Box 669, Soda Springs, CA 95728) or via email to (scanned form must be signed).
  3. STORAGE APPLICATION AND ASSIGNMENT - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BECAUSE THERE ARE CHANGES FROM LAST YEAR  Fill out the application online and submit it to SLPOA (see below). Make sure that when you finish the application and submit it that you get an onscreen confirmation notice in response (like the one shown at the right). THERE WILL BE NO IMMEDIATE EMAIL CONFIRMATION. If you do not get this online confirmation screen, please try again. If you do not receive a confirmation notification after you submit, please email the SLPOA admin assistant. The date your application is received will put you in line for a boat storage slot.  Once your boat slot application has been processed you will be emailed a release of liability form to sign and a confirmation Paypal storage invoice with your assigned space and fee (if required).  You will be asked to sign and return the release of liability form. You can pay the fee directly through Paypal using a credit card or you may send your check payable to SLPOA. You can return the liability release and check by mail  at PO Box 669, Soda Springs, CA 95728.
  4. Fullfillment - PLEASE READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY BECAUSE IT HAS CHANGED SINCE LAST YEAR. Storage assignments will start being emailed out at the beginning of April. Once all the seasonal slots are booked, applications will only be accepted for short-term sites. Once your waiver and payment (if applicable) are received, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO PICK UP YOUR STICKER/TAG AT 3133 WESTSHORE DR IN SERENE LAKES AFTER THE SAND FLING (TO BE ANNOUNCED). (Due to the many problems we have had with mail up at the Lakes, we will no longer be mailing out tags/stickers.)