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Welcome to Serene Lakes Property Association (SLPOA). Serene Lakes is a special place located in the historic Donner Summit area of the Sierra Nevada, Situated at 7,000 feet are two connected lakes - Serena and Dulzura that are surrounded by the Serene Lakes community. SLPOA is a voluntary association of cabin and lot owners. It represents the interests of its members to state and local government agencies, maintains the private beach and common areas, and organizes community activities.


  • SLPOA BOARD MEETING SAT, MARCH 25 SPECIAL TIME - BUDGET MEETING @ 2PM - GENERAL MEETING @ 3PM - The agenda for the meeting can be accessed by clicking here. Community Potluck @ 6:30, for details click here
  • WATER CONSERVATION ALERT - Due to the heavy ice build up in Lake Serena blocking the water intake, SLCWD is asking that everyone conserve water until the blockage is clear. The SLCWD announcement letter is available by clicking here.
  • For all you organized people the SLPOA schedule of events for 2017 is available by clicking here
  • PLANNING ON BUILDING OR REMODELING? For great information on building in the Serene Lakes area check out SLPOA's Design Advisory Committee by clicking here.
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  • The SLPOA Board Meeting will be held this Saturday at the SLCWD office at 4PM. 
    To access the meeting agenda please click here.
    To access the draft minutes from the January meeting please click here
  • The membership period is now January 1 - December 31. All renewals are due on January 1, 2015
  • If you received a renewal notification by email and need help please click here 
  • SLPOA has performed a survey on boat storage at Serene Lakes, to see the results click here

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